The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2660 miles, from California's border with Mexico to Washington's border with Canada. To walk it is to undertake a grueling test of body and spirit. In Americana, cartoonist Luke Healy accepts the challenge.

This intimate, engaging autobiographical work from an Irish visitor to the United States recounts the author's own attempt to walk the length of the USA's west coast. Healy's life-changing journey weaves in and out of often humorous reflections on his experiences in America and his development as an artist, navigating both the trail itself and the unique culture of the people who attempt to complete it.

“This is another superb work from Healy that draws you in from the start and compels you to finish much more quickly than than the endeavour it describes.” – The Quietus

“Healy’s memoir is both a thoughtful meditation on being an outsider looking in, and a practical read for people interested in the logistics of conquering a long-distance trail.”
Library Journal

“This masterful and moving graphic memoir establishes Luke Healy as one of the finest cartoonists working today... Americana is a triumph.”
—James Sturm, author of Off Season

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